Frequently Asked Questions

With Respect to Services:

Q. What are the most important services your firm offers in terms of value?
A. The short answer to that question is the ideas and suggestions we offer clients based on our many years of business experience. In addition, we are able to help clients solve problems through our firm’s broad strategic network of experienced professionals.

With Respect to Size of the firm:

Q. While looking to retain a new CPA firm, I recently met with a large firm and informed them that I was considering a boutique firm. The larger firm’s response was we have 15 partners, an in-house estate tax attorney, a certified financial planner along with an investment division all available to you under one roof.
A. The one stop shopping concept has worked well in certain industries, but in others such as banking and accounting it has not. An issue to consider is the overhead cost of these individuals providing specialized services must be covered and clients many times end up being directed to services that are not necessarily needed or in the client’s best interest. At Rozes, Gouveia & Company, we bring a deep bench of experience to the table and are well aware of when to bring in an outside advisor who is independent and objective.  As such, you only pay for the direct services, provided by this advisor, as the cost is not incorporated within our firm’s overhead structure.

With Respect to a Transition:

Q. I suspect the transition from one CPA firm to another CPA firm can be a difficult process.
A. Change can be difficult but necessary to the operations of a successful business. In terms of turning over information needed by the successor CPA, generally, we have found there is cooperation between firms based upon professional courtesies extended.

With Respect to Fees:

Q. Why don’t I go out and hire a CPA with a couple of years experience instead of your firm as their fees are lower?
A. Remember the old saying “good advice is not cheap and cheap advice is never good”. Generally we have found that the fees paid to our firm are returned to the company two to three-fold in the form of additional earnings brought on by profit enhancement recommendations and from tax savings based on the tax planning strategies we bring to the table.