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We are a professional firm of Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors. We are proud of our firm and eager for you to learn more about us so we ask that you please review the information provided on the following pages or contact us..

What they are saying about us


As an owner and the CFO of our company I have worked with Steven and Rick along with other associates of RG & Co. for some 25 years now.  During that time they have worked closely with us through all of our company’s growth stages.  I have found them to be reliable and resourceful and they continue to be a valuable member of our financial team.  It has also been my experience that the firm is well respected in the business and banking community.

An owner in Abbott-Action, Inc., a $60+M corrugated and solid fiber box manufacturer.


I have several companies and engage several accounting firms and the relationship that I have with Steven and Brian is the best working relationship that I’ve had with any of the firms. My numbers are on time, rock solid (good news or bad) and they assist us in real time.”

Owner, Cowan Corporation


We have worked with the firm of Rozes, Gouveia & Company since their inception starting with Peter Rozes and later moving to Steven Gouveia and Richard Chouinard. We continue to have a very strong and close working relationship with members of the firm. They have been and continue to be trusted advisors to our family owned business and we have always found them to provide clear, objective advice throughout the relationship. What stands out most to me is they definitely show a passion for both their business and ours.

An owner in Twin Oaks, Inc., a $10+M Rhode Island family owned restaurant operation


I have known and worked with Rozes Gouveia with a number of their clients and my customers for over 30 years. Most of my dealings over the last 25+ years were with Steve Gouveia.  I have found that Steve is not only a great advocate and advisor for his clients but he has a great deal of credibility with the banks that allows us bankers to have greater than normal confidence and patience with his clients as they go through the normal ups and downs of business cycles.  Steve’s integrity and business acumen goes well beyond his peers which clearly benefits his clients.  I would never hesitate to refer one of my best clients to Steve for accounting and business advice.

Senior Vice President, Relationship Manager - Webster Bank, N.A.

400 Reservoir Avenue, Suite 2G, Providence, RI  02907  401.941.0202